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This was supposed to be the May Character Development Exercise for Tenebrae Nostro. It turned into a whoooole 'nother thing. And yes, after consideration this is part of his background. Why not.

OC/ Skilnwalkers crossover
Arizona, 1999
Blue Mountain Apache Reservation
Words: 2,606

"My grandmothers people, worn leathery skinned Shamans or medicine men, believed that there are three causes of illness that manifest in the body or mind. Some illnesses or trauma's were so bad that they would cause "soul-loss". In order to get it back, they would preform the Kieje Hatal, or Night Chant, a part of which required the shaman to travel to the spirit lands to retrieve and reunite the soul with the body."

His hands cupped her face and the pad of his thumb brushed over her trembling lips. The flush in her face made her cheeks pink like a ripened peach, as his breath lightly brushed against her lips that looked like they were wearing red liquid vinyl. "It's complete bullshit. But I like to think of myself as something of a modern medicine man." His chest rose from under the mid-length black leather jacket as he drew the scent of her into his lungs. "I can reunite your soul with your body. It's just up to you how I go about that." Little half-moons hid brown eyes that fluttered closed as if possessed by the euphoria that the promise of her failure would bring. He didn't want her to live. Not after what she had done.


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