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"I am not one to care. Not about vampires nor their human familiars. I don't care about you either, you see. You are a tool. A stepping stone to finding a vaccine. It's in your blood. So your blood is all I care about." Her face was pressed roughly between his thumb, index and middle finger as he pinned her against the wall. Her pouty lips were pressed out in a tight rosebud as her eyes, round and angry, glared at him venomously. The warm breath of his words licked her lips as he whispered closely to her luxurious mouth, taking the time to pretend to be drawn to it and not understanding why he wasn't. Despite the fact that she had released his brother from being a vampire, a part of him held her responsible for not saving him. Who the hell knows? This one is not about to tell.  "Some find comfort in my honesty." A slow toothy grin spread across his face. He was pretty sure that she had the desire to smash it in. Hell, if she gave him what he needed, he would give her the chance.

"Should have run when you had the chance. I told you to run. Didn't you believe me when I said that you could have a normal life again? You should have run."

Twisting her head to the side, she struggled out of his grasp and spat into his face. "I did not realise that I had to run from you. Are you deranged? Let me go." She hissed as he caught her lips between his own and bit down. The salty and coppery stain of her blood flowed onto his lip and he swallowed it like it was nectar from the gods.  "God!" She yelled in a whimper as she pushed him away and blotted her lip with her hand. "Arsehole!"  The slap stung the side of his cheek and caused his head to violently snap to the side. Now there was blood staining his own lips as he accidentally bit down on the inner bottom one. His dark eyes found her first and his head slowly turned to face her.


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