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What are ten rules that your muse lives by?

1. Don't ask where your contacts live if there is a chance that your work might follow them home. [Or when your own experimentation on yourself goes to hell and you happen to know where to target them.*Cough*]
2. Don't make friends, they're only gonna get you killed and visa versa.
3. Own a fast car and a comfortable bike.
4. Respect your elders unless they're assholes. Respect your heritage even if it has some lame beliefs
5. Have the courage of your convictions.
6. Have the courage to stick to your convictions if you're right.
7. Live every day like it is your last, 'cause if you're in my line of work, it most likely is.
8. Never run out of cigarettes, bullets, whiskey and sharp scalpels.
9. Never stay in one place too long.
10. If you end up giving a shit about someone, you better be prepared to lie to them.

Bonus round

11. Just because vamps fucked up my life, does let give me the right to drag another mortal into my world. Ignorance is their bliss. Leave 'em be.
12. Make sure that people know that you talk the talk and walk the walk, otherwise they'll be surprised when you shoot them.
13. Only surround yourself with vampires if they fit into a test tube.
14. Just get it jokes, no quips, no fancy bullshit. Just get it done.
15. The only good skinwalker is a dead skinwalker.
16. Take time to enjoy the speck of insignificance that is your life. Alone.
17. What does not kill you does not necessary make you stronger, especially if it happens to break your neck.
18. You trying to swim upstream is a waste of my time. Don't waste my time.
19.  In the end, life will throw you through such a curve that none of these rules will matter.


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