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Happens before this

That the thing about New Orleans, now. It's a generous city. Give you what you want before you hardly know to ask for it. Trouble is, acourse, that a man wants a number of things that aren't particularly good for him. And those sort of things are a New Orleans speciality. 

-Owen Parry

 Rebels of Babylon

"To say that New Orleans is haunted, is like sayin' that peppers are hot and coffee keeps you up at night. It's a fact. Some days, the ghosts and pirates are as thick as the morning fog that you can see like the hand in front of your face. Ain't no place that you could move around and not stumble upon the dead. Our hotels are haunted, our cemeteries are haunted, our bars are haunted. We're a city living in a present that the past owns." 

And nothing made that more apparent than passing a neon sign on Dauphine Street that screamed ATM, located right under a soot covered gas light from the 1800s. Like anything else that wasn't destroyed by Katrina, it found itself a victor that won its continued place in the French Quarter. Much like the patrons that frequented the jazz bars with their hands wrapped around a cold one as if they were still holding on for dear life. 

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The phone call was abrupt. It came from a pay phone. Collect call, too. And In the middle of the night. Bet you didn't think that pay phones existed anymore, but they do. At rest stops. While on her way to New York. The notes in her voice were deep and hushed and her eyes darted around her as she made the call, wondering whether the shadows around her were more than that, assessing them as if she thought that she might get jumped at anytime. It was possible considering what she was carrying. That, however, would have been the least of her worries, she thought. Nora ended the call as quickly as she began it. Unfortunately, there was no time for chitchat until the deed was done. She had to keep moving.

The next call was made from a blocked number. "It's me. I need you to meet me. Now. Yeah, I know it's 2am, but this can't wait. Sorry. Yeah, just got to New York. A place called…Red Hook? In Brooklyn. I rented a garage storage unit by the water before getting here. And the area is pretty vacant." The fact that it was ripped a new one during Hurricane Sandy that turned it into an isolated urban island, hard to access by transportation, kept some investors away. "I need to keep this away from populated areas."

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