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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself: My name is Ethan Granger and you will not like me.
In each of us, two natures are at war – the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, and one of them must conquer. But in our own hands lies the power to choose – what we want most to be we are...There is such a fine line between a good man and bad.- Robert L.Stevenson Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1886

Name: Ethan Granger
PB: Jason Behr
Fandom: Original Character
Role Plays: Original Sin, Short Word Stories
Alignment: Morally gray
Born: 27 October 1973, Arizona
Age: 36
Heritage: American/Native American (mother was a White Mountain Apache)

Occupation: Biochemical engineer specializing in hematological diseases, works independently in the field. Reluctant “renegade” hunter.
Descriptors (strengths and flaws): Loner, liar (when necessary), hunter, serious, relentless scientist, intelligent, workaholic, determined, ethically challenged when it comes to vampires & skinwalkers, takes great personal risk with his and others lives if it advances the science. Sneaky, manipulative, resourceful, intelligent, uncompromising, dedicated, consistent, dualistic personality, supportive (to mortals recently introduced into the world of the supernatural).

Defining personality characteristic: He has a Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde sort of personality. It’s not that bi-polar or clearly divided like oil and water but blended wonderfully like violently shaken Martini. He is a philosophical naturalist. Ethan is rough around the edges, not very conversational and lacks the desire to connect with people meaningfully.

Fighting preferences: Modified Desert Eagle, bar room brawl styled tactics, street fight, martial arts (defensive). Biological weapons.

Distinguishing markings and features: (1) Tattoo of a scorpion on his upper left arm. It’s Native American tribal styled and later in the body of scorpion an abstract screaming vampire face with fangs was added. He got the tattoo in Arizona when he was seventeen and was stung by a scorpion. The poison prevented the vampires chasing him from biting him. (2) He wears a Native American looking necklace. One the end there is a fang from a Skinwalker he killed (revenge killing). It's a simple leather cord with the fang on the end. (3) Smoker (4) Heavy drinker.

Languages: English (5/5), Apache (3/5), Spanish (4/5)

Special notes for consideration: (1) There is no room for negotiation in regards to the vampire race. Willing vampires: he will befriend no vampire, give no vampire refuge or be friendly to any breed of vampire. Familiars receive the same treatment if not worse for their stupidity. Those that don’t want or can’t be cured, will be fair game for a reprieve (death) or to be tested on no matter if they are man, woman or child. Special circumstances might force him to work with vampires from time to time, but no exception will be made in the end. (2) He hates Skinwalkers more than vampires as a result of his backstory. He is rather detached when it comes to vampires, which makes him efficient in what he does. However, with Skinwalkers it is deeply personal. As a result he tries to have nothing to do with them, knowing that he would lose control easily and cross the threshold from gray to black.
The Good
Ethan Granger is a bio-chemical engineer specializing in research in designer genetics (part and parcel of Cytogenetics) to treat hematological disease. He used to work for the U.S Army and often enough they contract him for special projects. Now, Ethan Granger is hard at work unraveling the mysteries of the vampire virus: Hematophagia A, which strain can be traced back to a parasite that hopped species. But that's not the only virus with peculiar symptoms that he's been delving into.

The Bad
Ethan Granger was never "made" a hunter, he was born one cites his grandmother, a White Mountain Apache. It's in his blood, quite literally although some might argue the tenants of "nature" versus "nurture" on his life. He had a younger sister, Winona, who was brutally murdered when she was a junior in highschool. The problem was, Winona did not stay dead. The two had been very close and her "death" and subsequent resurrection prompted Ethan to tread into even darker areas of his psyche. She was not the result of his darkness or some tipping point but rather the initiation into a path he had avoided for years. The years that followed were eclipsed by never ending night and although he continued to search for a (1) cure and (2) vaccine, he became increasingly interested in ways of killing the vampires and engaged in more experiments on them. Having first been exposed to the knowledge of vampires when he was 10 and becoming a hunter at 16, he joined the military when he was 17 to get an education in war and science. Seven years later he is discharged and goes rogue. Also, he completely neglects to mention to anyone that he is a hunter, not seeing it as a integral part of his life but an ‘unfortunate accident brought on by circumstance’. He continues to hide this part, preferring to hunt alone, primarily to test out his creations.
And The Ugly
Although his ends are just his methods are ruthless. Willingly infecting himself and others with the vampire virus, he then pumped them full of new vaccines and cures that had chances of failure. Some did. He has unshakable confidence in his science and saw the benefits outweigh the risks. One day, he might be wrong.

Vampire strength is a unique advantage over mortal hunters. Which got him thinking. There were many more vampires than hunters and the hunters, being mortal, were physically disadvantaged. But what if that did not have to be true? Ethan started messing with the vampire virus and engineering something that would mirror it and give mortals vampiric strengths without the weaknesses and bloodlust. He still had to use some vampire blood in the formula. He has been injecting himself with it to test it. And it’s addictive...and unstable. Shuuuuush. It’s our secret.

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