Oct. 15th, 2011 11:19 pm
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Ran outta appeals. Big fucking surprise. Was running outta blood too but it appears that luck, if one wants to call it that, was still on my side. Nearly night by night those shit sucking fucks ambushed me in my cell. They fed on me and wondered why I didn't turn. "Turn into what, Cinderella? This ain't your fairytale and I sure as hell ain't your godmother." That got me a row of broken ribs which was infinity better then being their meal. Thing about the row? The day crew begins to notice when their inmates are sporting more broken bones and health problems than they should be. Not like they gave a shit but it looks bad on the warden when those non-profit bleeding hearts come around. Sparked some controversy the last time and the time after. And then, a week ago maybe, rumors started milling about. Fuck. You'd think this was high school.

"Granger?" God daaaamn. Where the hell was I and why did it feel like the voice that spoke was trying to kick my head in? I tried blinking. Swallowing wasn't working. It was like rubbing gravel into an open wound. "Granger?!" It hissed again. "Lugo." I groaned out."Think you could keep it down a notch?" Jackass.  I left the explicates out this time. Talking hurt. Moving was clearly impossible. Tried squirming a finger. I think it moved. Did it? Shit. That's when my head exploded into a nebula of stars. He only shook my shoulder but the tremors reached my head.

Instinct drew my arm up before I could even tell myself that was a bad idea. I was going to strangle that sonofabitch. Like a dog on a leash my arm was jolted back against metal. The hell. I managed to peek through the tiniest crack in my eyelid. Handcuffs. Lugo chuckled. Ah. Now it made sense. I was in the hospital. Again. Prison life wasn't a picnic. Alliances changed and credit was only as good as a convicts word. No one knew or understood the war that went down in this hole. After whatever the fuck happened to the East Wing, more "rioting" occurred. I called it revenge. Would have made a good story to tell the grand kids. Well, someones grand kids. Los Muertos. The one that killed my old lady. Gone. It was justice. But it was also stupid. I might as well spelled out "hunter" on my orange prison uniform. It was worth it. I could finally bury a piece of the past just like the world was soon to bury me. Three weeks. Exact. I had three weeks left.

And apparently, I had to be healthy before they killed me. Fuck. That's priceless.

"I heard something."
"Aw, don't be scared princess. Your boyfriend will be around soon." Lugo shook me some more for that one. My feverish eyes flew open. "Better stop man. These restraints have to come off eventually."
"Yeah, asshole?" He cajoled. "You might want to be a touch nicer. Especially when I got's news."  He shook his head while messing with the machine that was measuring something that was dripping into my veins. Lugo's not one of those people you wanna piss off. For fun he'll lower your morphine drip.
"Yeah. News." How he found out prison news, I don't know. Someone was talking to him. He came to the prison once a week. More after I started becoming the vampire's juice box. Wonder what whoever he talked to exchanged in return. Drugs most likely. Lugo wasn't exactly walking the straight and narrow himself. Pussy white collar type crimes. "I heard that you are getting a transfer."
I snorted in return.
"No man, really. You're getting transferred. And you got me to thank for it in part. Had to write a medical report about your sorry cantankerous ass."
Careful Lugo. Use big words like that and that last brain cell's gonna pop. "I've got three weeks to live. The hell..."Shit. Coughing nearly made me pass out.
"Hey jackass? Shut up. Let me do the talking." He shook his head. "Christ." Guess I didn't look as pretty as I usually did, I thought dryly.
"You're going to Safford." My brows crinkled between my brows. They couldn't inject me in Safford. Wait. Safford Arizona? The fuck? He shrugged. "Fucking club med, man.  Shit, what happened to you? I call it karma, asshole. Buuuuut the civ. lib people made such a stink about the inhuman torture and conditions you were 'suffering' in the prison. They brought some human rights bullshit and my report. The politicos were forced to get involved." Lugo sighed. "They're talking about prison reform...again. But some guy is assigned to crawl up everyone's ass at Quintin because of what happened to you." Lugo scoffed and looked thoughtful for a second. "Imagine it. You've become the Mother Teresa of the prison reform movement. A martyr."

If he didn't stop I was going to kill myself accidentally by laughing.
"Now say thank you."
"Cause you had to write a report 'bout me gettin' my ass handed to me every night?" By vampires.
"No, sleeping beauty. For this." I hardly heard passed that as the morphine and drugs made me swoon into a drug induced slumber. Fucking sucked when your entire life was in someones hands and you could do jack shit about it. But there is was. And here I am...between here and nowhere. 


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