May. 5th, 2009

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1. Daystar 2.0: aka Roach Motel. The initial carrier has to be human as to provide the bait needed to lure the vampire. The virus is not harmful to the mortal as it is harnessed from the bodies own antibodies that have been exposed to the vampire virus via the vaccine and genetically modified to effectively deliver the "bait". The vampire once having fed off the mortal, is exposed to the virus which starts replicating in its body. It is now contagious yet will not present with symptoms for another three nights all the while infecting those he comes in contact with who go on to infect others. We are working to lengthen the incubation period for the virus so that the contagion duration could be prolonged for at least another three nights before the vampire starts presenting with symptoms to allow for maximum range of infection.

2. Frost:

3. Hunter Serum: aka "youmustbeouttayourfuckinmindtotrythis" Atlas. Although inroads have been made over the last seven years, Atlas continues to be highly unstable and unreliable. Testing continues.

4. Cures: Strain A and Strain B. Stain B has been destroyed in lab explosion.

5. Bio-weapons: [Clearance needed]

6. Medical Security:

7. Vaccine: aka Moonshine. Works against Dracula's strain of vampirism. Highly effective against low to mid level potency carriers. Side effects: redness and swelling at injection site, fever, aches, seizures (in less than 5% of those sampled), cardiac arrest ( in less than 5.5% of those sampled), headache. Symptoms generally vanish within a week. Longevity of vaccine/required re-vaccination: unknown. Vaccine potential increases with potency/age of genetic material acquired from vampire.


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